BIG Idea: LISTENso that we can...

1. Renew Relationships

  • Get Help for Local businesses, so neighbors can know neighbors as they shop and dwell.

  • This help includes financial help but also making our community safe, so that we don't have to stare at plywood any longer and worry about constant break ins.

2. Restore Community

  • Consider Quality of Life in Ward 4- and the infrastructure needed to build that:

    • Northside Trolley,

    • Enlarged park space,

    • Support for home-ownership and

    • Connections for small businesses.

3. Rebuild the city

  • Throw out Mpls2040- we need a new plan for a new world post COVID 19

  • Invest in a comprehensive, community oriented vision, a structure for North Minneapolis

  • Get small business the help they need to return and clean up the rubble on Lake Street

  • Build a memorial to the events of 2020, then open 38th and Chicago,