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My story starts in Minneapolis.

My family's story starts in Minneapolis- both sides.   One great grandfather lived on 35th and Colfax, south. The other on 19th and Dupont, north. 


The great depression, as it was for many, was very hard on my family of origin and people scattered to Wyoming, North Dakota and greater Minnesota.  But, like all of the great rivers, eventually flowed back into...


You guessed it- Minneapolis.  

My father was born in North.

I was born in south some 28 years later. 

My dad used to tell stories which delighted us as children of hearing the train whistle come down from the prairie while sleeping on his grandparent's porch. I often think of those years. Maybe life only seemed simpler...

I believe our future to be bright, and different. But I never want to forget or diminish where we have been. This is a bit of me. 

Thank you.


As a single mom for the last six years, I know the difficulties of managing someone's whole world yourself. I know how hard long nights can be and the ways you rely on others. I have been the recipient of help from the government, non-profits, family and from neighbors. It is in that, I would like to give back and show that people, in all walks of life, can be valued for who they are no matter the hardship or opportunity they have seen. 


Education is extremely important to me. In my family it was the glue that held the two sides of my family together.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, a Certificate from the Juilliard School, group 31, a Masters of Education and Business both from Augsburg University.

Learning and teaching together is the greatest reward in life. I try to balance between the two, like a flowing river. They are two ways to find true joy.


I have a massive thirst for adventure, and that informs not only my leadership style but also my priorities as a board member. 

There is no doubt that life is best lived in community and community is best served when we recognize each other's lived experience and dreams for the future. 

I know we can climb mountains together, or, simply fjord streams. 

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