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Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner

District 2


My name is Becka. 

I was born and raised in Minneapolis. 

In November of 2021, I was given the immense privilege of representing the people of north Minneapolis as their parks commissioner. 

Welcome to my website!


Thirdly, I get to work with absolutely amazing people. It's not just the other parks commissioners and staff who inspire me, it's meeting and working with neighbors and co-collaborators on how to best meet the needs of our community.  We bounce ideas off of each other and model respectful disagreement when that happens and positive, cheerful agreement most often. 

That is the part of being your parks commissioner that I love the most. 

Minneapolis is a phenomenal city with amazing things happening every day. To check in with your parks please visit:

I hope to see you out there!


What does a parks commissioner do, you might ask? Well, I will name a few things I've been able to do since serving my neighbors. 

First off, I get to meet new people every day. The extrovert in me loves that. From Earth Day clean ups to local 5k races, there is always something to do. Sometimes I meet people over a specific issue, like the North Commons project, or the Blue Line LRT, other times it's just walking to the local coffee shop and striking up a conversation.

Secondly, I get to research! The introvert in me loves that. There are many issues which have become difficult to manage in our city, and I like to 'get to the bottom of it' as it were. Perhaps that's because I've spent most of my life in school as a student or a teacher.  Learning never ends and someone new always has something to teach you.

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